Kamen Rider Decade 21

snapshot20090714080004Yeah! I love riders too. I like all tokusatsu series, but kamen-rider is my top. They have good story and nice “theme” changed every years. Usually, my mom will scold me founding this one played on screen and put how-can-a-college-student-still-watch-this face but it wont block my way. Yeah I know so cut it out.

After complete 9 world’s missions, Tsukasa fraction come back to Natsumi’s world (episode 01). Natsumi-chan feels glad and get contact with one of TG club member, a club where Natsumi was one of it in high school.

snapshot20090714080039Gathers with other members again and remind nostalgic moment together. But unpredictly, that world is not the real world but Nega world (“nega” means negative). Nega world is real world’s reflection, no wonder we can find another “Natsumi”. Nega wont allow human to live and filled by dark riders like Dark Kiva, Alternative, Ryuga, Ouga and Dark Kabuto. The greatest, Dark Kiva is still played by Otoya (Kouhei Takeda). He invites Tsukasa to join the nega and enjoy the world (Tsukasa had tasted it before, winning a restaurant grand prize).

snapshot20090714080122End up on battle with nega riders, Tsukasa regains his henshin and try to fight. Fortunately, Decade get the K-Touch, Nega world’s treasure and Otoya’s aim, transform him into Decade Final Form. Now, Decade can summon main riders (like Diend does) on their upgrade form (If I recall, Faiz’s form named Awakening but here as Blaster). The rider will mimics Decade’s move and “cast” their final attack.

Decade Final Form appears on nice symmetrical. Also his K-Touch reminds me one of mobile device lol. But dont worry, he’s still pinky.

Direct download episode 21 (link) // AVI 233mb


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