Umi Monogatari 01

snapshot20090712111615Title: Umi Monogatari ~anata ga ite kureta koto~

Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Magical

12 eps long series by ZEXCS. The OP theme by marble (Violet) and ED theme by Masumi Ito (Tōmei na Inori (透明な祈り)). Casted by Horie Yui (Urin), Kana Asumi (Marin) and Minako Kotobuki (Kanon).

The story centers on two little girls who live under sea with fish, Urin and her neesan Marin. In one day they found a ring fallen to the sea and catched by Marin. Marin believes that the ring owner is sky-dweller -its how they call normal human- and want to return it. Using Melkatro Ring, they come to the surface and search the owner.

On the “sky”, they found the ring owner, a daughter of “fortune-teller”, named Kanon. Kanon is a ebil girl with ebil’s aura around her. Why Kanon throw away her ring because its a gift from someone she hate, her ex-boyfreind. Knowing about the ring Kanon throws away (again) the ring, this time to the woods. Marin, who is stubborn enough, search it again. Unfortunately, Urin strayed and end up for opens a sealed coffin, with evil on it (real evil, not Kanon).

snapshot20090712110716This series directed by Junichi Sato (Kaleido Star) and designed by Haruko Lizuka (Sky Girls). I place this series on top of my watch list for this season. The story maybe plain but it still scores good points afterall. Warm relation on the sibling is nice, just I like :3 and can be seen on the ending scene. Watch this series reminds me about the same taste series, Aria the Natural. Pantsu ecchi is the main point that you can found here.

I want this series go on like this taste, natural way and pure taste.


Direct download episode 01 (link) // MKV 233mb


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