Kamen Rider Decade 22

snapshot20090714074230Diend’s/Kaitou Daiki’s world, a nice world full of freedom, kindness and respect. It seems that Daiki was live in a village. But, this world’s kindness is totally fake. A “group” of Roach take over the world and making good bad odd rules. People must show their kindness or face the anger of Roach. Honestly, there are riders on this world too. They are three legendary riders from Blade series, notably movie. They’re Glaive, Lance and Larc.

Daiki has an older brother, Junichi, the Glaive. But for some reason he works for the roach, as Fourteen’s right hand (based on Blade’s theme, 14th card is joker). Only Haruka (Larc) and Shin (Lance) who still fight to change the world. Their job wont be easy because Roach sets Kamen rider as social enemy so they must face the civil too. Especially Daiki, he has been titled “destroyer” like Tsukasa

vlcsnap-2009-07-16-16h47m22sSeems Shin and Daiki dont get well, like Daiki is the source of chaos afterall. During fight Lance and Diend, Yuusuke’s misfortune comes back. He captured by Roach and his will going to be erased, makes him same as the civil who obey them and hate riders.

While watching this episode I cant keep my eyes away from the Larc, how should i put it, she is beauty and gentle enough to be a rider :3 An uneasy-smile face and blondy style. She is better than previous Larc on Missing Ace, Yoko Mitsuya. And talking about Missing Ace, it reminds me that only Lance and Glaive has same name here, Shin and Junichi.


Direct download episode 22 (link) // AVI 233mb


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