Kamen Rider Decade 23

snapshot20090717115050After abducted Yuusuke, now Natsumi’s turn. Tsukasa and Daiki must work together to save them, and Junichi itself. Now both Shin and Haruka can accept Daiki as the innocent and help too. Places Daiki as a hostage by Tsukasa to trade with Natsumi, they meet up with the Fourteen, Roach’s leader.

snapshot20090717115013The trade is just a simple plan by Tsukasa to lure out the Fourteen, planning defeat him to cure the brainwash. Fourteen brings forward his Jashin 14 form, a huge creature just so the one on Missing Ace. Tsukas take the final by Hibiki Armed and destroy it. Roach army disappear and everyone back to normal but unfortunately Junichi is acting by his will, still loyal to the rule. This way becomes in joke fight with him and Daiki. Junichi draws out, from the world and riders comrades. In the end Daiki found his world treasure, to believe on himself.

This time is special, using “Treasure Sniper” (CV. Kaitou Daiki) as BG music. I’d seek back again to hear the song, its better than “Ride the Wind”. By the way, all rider worlds has done. Next world is Shinkenger’s world (its odd for the rider to visit sentai’s sekai).

Direct download episode 23 (link1)  (link2) // AVI 232mb


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