Princess Lover! 01

snapshot20090720052533Title: Princess Lover! プリンセスラバー!

Genre: Romance, Harem, Comedy (a bit)

If only I didnt get the eroge at past normally I wont put a romance in my list. This series based on eroge with same title, Ricotta production. Now handled by GoHands for 13 episodes long. Both OP and ED theme bring popular singer on it, Miyuki Hashimoto (Princess Primp!) and Yozuca (S.S.D!).

snapshot20090720052400The main char, Teppei Arima is a single boy lives in simplicity. He inherits kendo (sword) skill from his father. One day his parents pass away by traffic accident. Be an orphan, he called by the grandpa, Isshin Arima, Arima Group’s head, to becomes his successor in the future. Not only that, Teppei also already has a fiancee, Sylvia van Hossen, the old daughter from Hossen family, chosen by the grandpa. In the way to Isshin’s palace, Teppei helps a rich girl from bandits, Charlotte Hazelrink, the main heroine if you want say. Teppei already knows about conspiracy in Arima corp., which has relation with the traffic accident. He’ll take revenge while he must adapts on elite’s life style.

There is a nice point here, Minoru Shiraishi will backs again as Haruhiko Nezu :D

Direct download ep 01 (link) // AVI 231mb


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