Umi Monogatari 02

snapshot20090719070657Here the real story of this pantsu series. Not only dark evil released but a pervert-turtle too. It (or maybe “he”) named Matsumoto, a legend turtle elder that has issued been lost on the sky in the past. He (or maybe “it”) carry 2 powers for seal the dark evil (again).

snapshot20090719071248snapshot20090719071323To seals the dark evil (named Sedna), power of Umi no miko and Sora no miko are needed. Marin without doubt has chosen to be the Umi no miko. And fight Sedna’s soldier which want to steals Kanon’s aura. The problem is with the Sora one. Miraculously, Kanon is the person, transform herself to the miko. Umi inherits power of water and Sora inherits fire power, used to destroy. In the end, Marin decides to use her power for purify, return the creature back as a tako (is why she can play tentacle-raep with kanon).

Sedna sealed in two place, sky and sea. The sky one has succesfull released by Urin and just need to free in the sea one. With this kind of plot, next episodes will be full magical-shoujo-fight.

Direct download ep 02 (link) // MKV 243mb


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