Kamen Rider Decade 24

snapshot20090723083316I get gist of this episode from 23’s preview. Its sentai no sekai, Shinkenger, one of sentai series which currently aired now. This will result as world without rider. Bad thing happens to Kaitou. In order to fulfill his treasure desire, he stole the Origami from Genta. I’m not watching this sentai so i have no idea but looks like 6th samurai.

snapshot20090723083421In the way a Gedoushuu named Chinomanako appears and manages a way to snatch Diend Drive. To return it back, Kaitou asks help from Tsukasa, which fails on taking back too (bad idea to summon Liner Den-o, Armed Hibiki or King Blade is my choice on the situation). In the end, chinomanako “henshins” to Diend “nasty form”, a great mix rider’s and monster’s power.

I wonder why a Gedoushuu knows how to use Diend’s drive and say “Henshin!” too. In the preview, you can see it can summons a rider (Blade).


Direct download episode 24 (link) // AVI 233mb


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