Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 02

snapshot20090723123229The disaster starts. Mirai split ups with her otouto, Yuuki, in the Robot expo. Mirai is waiting on outside while Yuuki goes to toilet and buy a drink. Searching in fear, she meets again with Mari, a woman who she met on souvenir shop while choosing gift for her mother. Mari rescues this stubborn girl several times from falling detritus.

snapshot20090723123312Not found in toilet, they found him on mart, rescued by a shopkeeper. Together they manage to escape from the building and group up with others people. Common thing to do while you trapped on disaster with a foreign who holds tanjoubi cake is talking about family. Mari lives with her mother and has a 4 years girl named Hina. Fortunately, this havoc day is her birthday. Then Mirai does, talks about her family, a busy-working parents who let their children go until meet the earthquake alone.

I found no preview on mine, its BBS sub. So I dont have idea what’ll happen next.

Direct download episode 02 (link) // AVI 175mb


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