Umi Monogatari 03

snapshot20090722071356Umi Fraction (Marin, Urin and the pervert turtle) spend the night at Kanon’s place, without Kanon’s agree ofc. Seems the mother has no prob with it. Matsumoto has plan to completely purify Kanon become the Miko. It caused by her huge evil aura (how can a Sora no Miko full by dark breath). But she rejects it for attending university reason.

snapshot20090724115052Kanon has a “close” friend named Suzuki, childhood friend. Only Suzuki who understands about Kanon’s true behind her evil. Kanon always do dirty jobs like toilet-cleaning and snake-catching, but all of jobs be done nicely. Everybody scare to her even since kindergarten (her evil is too much for kid I think) but from the bottom, she is a person that can be rely on.

I wont talk about fight with two loli fish creatures.

snapshot20090722071842Direct download episode 03 (link) // MKV 262mb


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