Kamen Rider Decade 25

vlcsnap-2009-07-27-11h39m43s98Narutaki appears in Tsukasa, narrates about his existence that rejected by every worlds. It makes Natsumi worries about Tsukasa’s place to return, or the end of journey. But she knows, the place for return always has someone waiting to say “okaeri”. Means Tsukasa’s “world” is the photo studio. This is one of rare eps where Kuuga appears.

vlcsnap-2009-07-27-11h24m36s248Ayakashi diend has special card, enemy card. So not only Rider, It can summon enemy like Mouse Fangire and Eagle Undead. It used to counters 6 Shinkengers before Yuusuke comes and henshin. I’d thought that Diend Drive can summons only 2 “creature” at same time but this ayakashi successful summons more a Blade. Ofc becuase it’s samurai world so King Blade is the ridermaker. Tsukasa also gets new Attack Card, Rekka Daizanto ShinkenRed’s special move, but I dont think it can be used on another worlds.

Last, here ojii-san when young


Last thing that I have say is, the next episode. Next episode is featuring Minami Kotaru, you should know who is he. Yes, kamen rider Black & RX. It’ll be Shocker no sekai and he’ll appears on Robo and Bio Form. Epic!

Direct download episode 25 (link) // MP4 350mb


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