Kamen Rider Double, W!

The next rider after Decade, W or called Double too. But since “kamen rider Double” (for me) sounds odd then we’ll call them “W”. Why “them”? Yes, Kamen Rider W is the first rider with “Rider of two people in a transformation!” concept. Kinda queer but we cant judge before watch it. Also, Kamen Rider W will be the most rider with Forms beside Kuuga.TITLE

The stroy tells about a windmills city Capital. The police powerless on facing the strange and rampant crime. That kind of crimes is caused by Dopant. Shoutarou and his buddy, Phillip, as duo detectives work together to protect the city from that Dopant. With Phillip’s Cyclone and Shoutarou’s Joker Gaia Memory plus Double Driver, they combine to kamen rider W or double, the 11th heisei rider.

PICTUREThe casts:

  • Hidari Shoutarou (Kiriyama Ren) as W
  • Phillip (Suda Masaki) as W
  • Narumi Akiko (Yamamoto Hikaru) as heroine
  • Jinno Mikio (Nadagi Takeshi)
  • Sonosaki Ryuubei (Minori Terada)

(Looks) Shoutarou holds Joker, Metal and Trigger Gaia power. Cyclone, Heat and Luna are Phillip’s. The design backs to concept, natural insect look with planted armor, reminds me to Riderman and Black. Here W/Double’s forms pics list:

The producers are Atsushi Kaji, Hideaki Tsukada and Kazuhiro Takahashi. Production by TV Asahi, TOEI and ADK. This series will starts at September 6 8.00am. The opening theme titled W-B-X ~W boiled extreme~, will be performed by Aya Kamiki and TAKUYA.

source: WikipediaTV Asahi


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