Kamen Rider Decade 26

vlcsnap-2009-07-29-12h22m45s223Awesome. This episode is featuring RX’s world, the legendary Showa rider. Faces Crisis Emperor, Minami Koutarou fights with hope to find again his comrade who kidnapped. RX easily trusts Natsumi’s words, say that Tsukasa isnt a destroyer. Actually this world has great problem. Many new strange (as Koutarou’s look) enemies appear. The enemies are from another wolrds, like Shocker, Imagine and Fangire. Then a bad thing happens.

vlcsnap-2009-07-29-12h00m02s144While facing Apollo Geist, one of Shocker’s general who gathers all enemies together, Tsukasa failed to henshin. This’s chance for Apollo to suck Tsukasa’s soul  but Natsumi in bravely protects him with her body, cause a great impact to her. In order to rescue Natsumi, Tsukasa has plan to takes Apollo’s weapon, Perfecter, to return Natsumi’s soul. Badly that weapon is Kaitou’s target too for now, makes him to get in Tsukasa’s way. With help from Koutarou, Tsukasa manages a way to chase Apollo who runs into another world, Black’s. (Yes, Apollo’s group can freely cross each world. On the fact, he is from rider X’s world)

Normally I wont take another subber beside T-N, but this episode is very special for me (and all fans too) so I can’t wait for T-N sub. I take NTN sub, which translate “henshin!” to “transform!” and “kamen” to “masked” :>


Download episode 26 NTN-sub (torrent) // AVI 232mb


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