Kiva Movie Director’s Cut

vlcsnap-2009-08-04-11h20m31s61 The story tells about Legendorga the hell residents, appears because the resurrection of their lord, Takashi Sugimura as Arc. Arc is a three meters tall Rider which holds Arc Kivat. Arc comes to the world to destroy humanity as usual. Legendorga can transforms human and fangire to become their servant. A human named Takato Shiramine gives his soul to them to becomes rider Rei by using Rei Kivat. The plot itself confronts Wataru to his father by time travel.

snapshot20090803122057The full version of Kiva’s movie, Makai Jou no Ou / The King of Hell’s Castle. The torrent released on July 25th by TV-Nihon. As Director’s cut version, it contains some “secret” scenes. That scenes didnt appear on previous RAW version (I think).

Because do some yaoi incest things in police’s car Wataru and Otoya get to the jail 1986. Here the scene when Otoya free.snapshot20090803114805Otoya believes Wataru as his son from the future but Yuri doesnt. Most likely she fears to the future. It is when they’re talking

snapshot20090803115914A butt scene of Otoya, cencored perfectly by Kivat ^^;

snapshot20090803115708In the castle, Kivat attacked and rescued by Tatsulot. I’m sure that RAW version miss it.

snapshot20090803122357And last I think, the scene when Arc holds his spear. Even I dont know he has a spear after watched the RAW.

snapshot20090803123142Kiva series is not only awesome but funny. Otoya’s acts is without compare. No wonder he appears again in Decade series as Dark Kiva.

Download Gekijoban Kamen Rider Kiva: Makai Jou no Ou DC (torrent) // AVI 575mb


2 thoughts on “Kiva Movie Director’s Cut

    • It’s kamen raida (or “masked rider” in english). Some souls think it’s childish but look on their figures, awesome >:o About butt… ^^; it’s Kouhei Takeda’s. He is really funny when potraying Otoya (the father). On that scene, Kivat the bat was saying “defense!” repeatly when cencored it lol.

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