Princess Lover! 02

vlcsnap-2009-08-10-12h49m48s232I hadn’t been posting about anime for a week b’cause I was busy, busy enough to not download some series. I found this episode is nice. It’s the beginning. As expected from eroge-adopted, some ecchies and fanservices can be found here. But I hope they wont mess up the quality.

Teppei moves to the new house which loaded by maids and living “alone”.  He also has been enrolled to rich people school. Accidentally, it’s same school as his fiance’s, Charlotte’s and Yuu’s as his maid-classmate. His rich school life begins. As eroge adopted series, pantsu and oppai services plus kamasutra position is necessary. Seems Teppei has been thinking a way to harem know Sylvia well. And the way is sword fight.

vlcsnap-2009-08-10-12h49m17s189Direct download episode 02 (link) // MKV 268mb


2 thoughts on “Princess Lover! 02

    • It’s hard to say if it’s worth or not. You must watch it by yourself to make it sure ^^ But the design is better than the eroge one. Even the oppai’s size and style are different O.O

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