Kamen Rider Decade 27

3Decade’s movie had hitted public. Now, for someone like me the subbed-torrent is ftw. There is stale rumour that Gackt will appears as Riderman, W’s appearance and Kuuga Rising Ultimate form! All of them are annoying me. I hope someone who had watched it and understand it fully can inform me lol. Kay, forget it. I’ll know it soon, with my own eyes, for sure!!! -wonder why I mind Riderman badly-

1Black and Black RX  are two different stories and worlds, but connected by a will to fight for comrade. This makes Black believes on Tsukasa like RX did. Tsukasa manages a way to steal Perfecter from Apollo Geist, as Kaitou too. Luckly, Kaitou gives up with that and let Tsukasa to use it. Tsukasa’ll fail, if  Tsukasa didn’t share his soul with Natsumi. Both “Minami Koutarou” and “Minami Koutarou” are true fighter, defend their world from endless Shocker.

After Black and RX, next sensational Showa rider is Amazon! (but I’m waiting for X and Ichigo-Nigo ;D)


Direct download episode 27 (link) // AVI 289mb


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