Umi Monogatari 04

snapshot20090815112201Matsumoto asks Kanon to search a treasure under a legendary cave. There’s a legend that treasure is pirate’s own. Marin treats this as a picnic -even she brings lunch box along- and go with her. Being left behind, Urin takes his own way to comes afterward.

snapshot20090815111820In the cave, they meet with Warin and Sam, the old friend from the sea. But both Kanon and Warin end up in a dispute.

vlcsnap-2009-08-18-12h35m32s16Once again, Sedna’s abettors awake but not by Kanon’s fault.

vlcsnap-2009-08-18-12h35m45s48After get rid of them, they still failed to get the treasure. Speak the truth, the treasure is Matsumoto’s diary (WTH! >.>)

snapshot20090815111729Direct download episode 04 (link) // MKV 237mb


2 thoughts on “Umi Monogatari 04

  1. Hm? There’s a character in Umi Monogatari named Kanon? Which one is that? lol

    This show looks like another one I should watch. Sooo behind on my anime watching! @_@;;

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