Den-O Saraba Movie

snapshot20090808120408The final movie of Den-O (for sure?). As we’d know, this raida already released some specials with Kiva and Decade. They must guarantee that Momotaros-tachi won’t show up in Double series! (wait, looks I hate them?). Ehem, too late for review it but I’ll glad to see yours.

snapshot20090808124958A ghost train from death dimension appears to Momotaros-tachi. Contains a ton of Imagine ghost and like DenLiner, this bunch also have rider. They’re Skull Form and Hijack Form, the leader (not sure about their real name but I don’t care). Specifically for Skull Form, it’s an Imagine who obsess the Singular Point (you know), at least until Momotaros snatch him back.

snapshot20090808130514This army of ghost strong enough to defeat Zeronos and Den-O. So an assistance is needed and it’s Nogami’s grandson, Kotaro, new Den-O from future. Holding Den-O Strike Form, he and Teddy (his Imagine) join the force to prevent the ghost in changing the future. The reason why they’re going to do it is to rescue Sora, Shiro’s (Hijack rider/leader) beloved, from death. Unfortunately Nogami’s fraction won, even it needs three Full Charges to bring down Shiro. Sora’s tears open his eyes to stop it and accept the fact they’d died long time ago.

snapshot20090808131057Saraba, Den-O~ T_T

Download Torrent for Den-O Saraba Movie (link) // AVI 681mb

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