Kamen Rider Decade 28

snapshot20090819143806Amazon no sekai. An odd world where human put their believe trust on Dai Shocker and Gedon. Someone who doesn’t revere them, will be treated as a traitor and eliminated, like Amazon. Doesn’t same as Black, he straightly believes in Tsukasa as his tomodachi (friend).

snapshot20090819143442Gedon’s leader Jyumenki who has Gaga bracelet which is wanted by Kaitou, afters Amazon’s Gigi bracelet. Gaga and Gigi are needed to summon army for Dai Shocker. To do that, Apollo orders his top-grade boy Masahiko to draws out Amazon from hide. It’s success and Masahiko gets the bracelet and going to present it for enemy. In the fight, Tsukasa destroys apollo’s Perfecter.

Amazon’s skills like Dai Setsudan and Jaguar Shock are awesome. Seems he has no rider kick. Jyumenki too, he can imitates foe’s move.

snapshot20090819143515Direct download episode 28 RAW (link) // AVI 215mb


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