Kamen Rider Decade 29

snapshot20090821143611Shocker’s true ambition has been revealed. Using Gaga and Gigi bracelet, they’re going to change all human into monsters. We know that Jyumenki already got Amazon’s Gigi from Masahiko. Later Masahiko believes on Amazon and successful steals Gigi again from Jyumenki. I know what is in your mind to see a huge strong  monster being fooled by child. Now, it’s the time for naked man to take an action!

snapshot20090821143415Amazon is a unique rider, like Hibiki. He doesn’t say “Henshin!” when transform and non-insect (he’s a lizard afterall). Diend receives his fifth card from Narutaki. It’s an illusion card like Tsukasa’s, creates 4 fake Diends. With this card he gets the Gaga before Tsukasa steals it with Amazon attack ride card. As Gaga and Gigi on Amazon, Tsukasa can perform Amazon’s Final Attack Ride.

Next world, where rider battle on it. And what? the true Blade will show up!


And you can see some emergences of W the Double on this episode’s preview!

Download episode 29 (SD) // AVI 232mb; (HD) // MP4 349mb


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