Channelizing some updates

News that are grabbing attentions

  • Black Rock Shooter music video anime, will directed by Yamakan (Yamamoto Yutaka). Characters will be designed by Matsuo Yuusuke (Kanon, Kannagi) and music composers will be Ryo and the staff. The pilot edition will be released on September 30th. Animated by Ordet.
  • Mahoromatic is returning as OVA titled Mahoromatic Tadaima Okaeri. The special will directed by Saeki Shouji. Most of the workers for this TV special have worked for previous Mahoro series. The first part of this will air on October 17th and the second will air October 24th. The discs (B-D and DVD) will be released two days before Christmas.
  • One of the PSP games, Ookamikakushi, will have the anime adaptation.
  • K-ON! will have an event on December.

Believe the BRS will be awesome. You can take a peek on the official site.


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