Before Final Decade

dcd98Before I review episode 30, let me show something. As we know that Decade will be finished on its final episode 31, the final battle is started by Kiva and Blade. Now, look at the picture, there is a new rider! Most likely she is Suzuki Mio the Queen Fangire. Will she appear in episode 31, since we didn’t see her in 30’s preview?

Also there is a rumour about Hyper Battle Decade in another world, Terebi no sekai. Terebi is name of magazine that discuss about Decade. Terebibae-kun will be the kaijin of the magazine and to defeat it, Decade needs new weapon that be designed by Yuusuke from magazine’s paper. Yes it kinda joking but I know you still do want. Not like Hyper Battle Kabuto that featuring Gattack Hyper form, seems that we won’t find anything new except that new weapon (and new cards I think). So, I don’t know if you can find Dark Decade on it.

Where the smoke comes from.


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