Princess Lover! 03

Long time no post. What has happened to me really bad. But I do not want be dissolved in sadness and trying to cheer up again. Unfortunately, my time is going to be tight. May be I won’t continue with reviewing, sorry -_-;vlcsnap-2009-08-18-12h39m20s139

Preparing himself to join the Society club which is roled by Seika, Teppei works hard to change his “common” habits to become better while holding Arima name. Insulting his past as Soba’s son, I mean Soba shop owner’s son, Seika really be vexing this time. Don’t hate her, she just be envious.

snapshot20090816120103“Common” habits refers to non-elite behaviours like yawning and walk crooked. Silvie, Charlotte and Yuu work together to change Teppei to be an elite of the elites. As expeted, Teppei feels some services from the girls in course of training. How to drink, how to walk, how to talk and how to dance, Teppei must learn all of them and finally, he slips away from Seika’s first test. Wait, first? yes, the second is Teppei must host his own party in the mansion next week. Looks like this is only an overextended story to see princesses again or, to see Yuu in luxurious dress. Still in the end, I believe Seika will accept Teppei -what an easy story-

Direct download episode 03 (link) // MKV 240mb


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