Kamen Rider Decade 30

snapshot20090829145902Final great rider war. Wataru and Kazuma must fight each other to defend their own world from destruction. Not only the rider but Undead and Fangire are also involved. Meet Tsukasa-tachi, Wataru and the Queen ask them to join his side, but they refuse. While they talk, All worlds is fusing to one. In other side, Hibiki’s world is fused and involved in battle with Saga and Fangire.

snapshot20090829104011Fangire Queen says that Blade fraction came first and challenged them to battle. She will use any method to fight back and destroy Blade’s world, including marry Apollo geist. It not only makes life experience but he also regains his soul leeching from Fangire race. So Decade and Blade must stop the wedding and defeat the Queen. With little help from Daiki -who has accept Tsukasa as comrade-, Queen is defeated. Then Apollo decides to start the worlds fusion. One step again to the end!

The Queen gets new look, and it’s better than the original. Beside all I wonder why Wataru seems happy when losing his Queen.

snapshot20090829103925Direct download episode 30 (link) // MP4 350mb

About next episode:

Based on the preview, Decade-tachi plus two boys (Kiva and Hibiki I mean) will face Apollo and great enemies from each worlds. I wonder again why Kiva and Hibiki, who are in Tsukasa’s side? Because they’re non-insect rider? WTH so dragon and peach are insect now. I’ve get a prediction about the ending. Decade will fight other original rider to solve it. All originals? what do you mean? I don’t know but take a look again episode 01 when original Wataru said “I and my companions”. It should has been clarified by ori Kenzaki’s emergence. He says that the real enemy is not Shocker. I hope we have nice end there.


2 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Decade 30

    • It looks that they can’t add more episode(s) for ending to give birth for Double. This series is lack in the story -where the belt came from, who made it, Tsukasa’s past and why lost his memories, who the hell is Narutaki- and They must answer it with the December movie.

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