Kamen Rider Decade 31 -“Last Episode”-

vlcsnap-2009-08-31-13h27m24s163In the end, I got nothing but a nice trailer of kamen rider Double. Wait, this is still Decade episode. Yeah, but like I said you won’t find anything. The final battle is a half cooked rice, brings no solution to the story. So I only be satisfied by the W’s trailer.

No new white female rider here, which the power come from Kivala.

vlcsnap-2009-08-31-13h26m47s76Apollo Geist is a fail man, kidnap a girl to marry her is out of date crime. And that poor girl is Natsumi -at least this one is better than Mio- who almost be married without clergyman’s pray. Also the girl is saved, he is totally worst.

Say that you haven’t watch it yet, can you tell what does Diend’s henshin card for in Tsukasa’s hand? He uses that red card to do Diend Final attack! WTH! It must be sounded “Kamen Ride“. And that fail Apollo is defeated by it. Wait, then he is double fails.

This episode also doesn’t answer me why only Kiva and Hibiki who decided to help Tsukasa-tachi. To solve it, they make another theater version -where you can find that Kivala rider for sure- which will hit cinema in December.


Bye pinky, next is stereo colors era.

Download episode 31 torrent (link) // AVI 232mb


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