Moe Rider Gallery

dcd-01This pictures will show you a tabi from reality to niji no sekai. From impressive rider to cute girls in rider “dress”. All credits belong to the artist.

hibiki-01hibiki-07hibiki-08Hibiki and Ibuki ^^ rori taste~ And here some scenes of Decade

final attack rider: ppppantsu!final attack rider: ppppantsu! XD first use on episode 2

dcd-03Scene from episode 3 when “Tsukasa” going to use Kuuga final form card

dcd-04Kaixa came in episode 4, Kiva no sekai

dcd-05Episode 5, W pantsu kick!

dcd-06Next, epsiode 6 at Ryuki no sekai. Knight is really cool here :3

dcd-07I don’t remember to saw an angry loli dragon at episode 7 XP

Let’s change to Den-o series. They are with its characteristics and 1024px size so you can use them as wallpaper! ^^

rod formaxe form

Now Blade rider. Come with luxurious King form

Last and dangerous moe:

You can search all of them in photobukcet. What I have posted just a small amount (gomen!) ^^;


14 thoughts on “Moe Rider Gallery

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    • There are two possibilities, the user (uploader) have deleted it or the image hoster who have it been deleted. Too bad just only a little “survived” in here ^^; I can’t guarantee it so save them ASAP ;D

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