Kamen Rider Double First Impression

snapshot20090918103101First time when I read about how-double-henshin I didn’t really have any idea about the scene. “Two become one”, they’re not melting deshou? argh I won’t see it! But now my hesitancy is nothing. They manage a nice way to “melting”. Not only that aspect which is good but all! snapshot20090918102544Hidari Shotaro is a private detective who works in Windmill city, a city where you can find a ton of mills of course. His partner , Phillip, which works as an ultimate search engine to him, is a weird guy who was saved by him and the previous landlord. With landlord’s sacrifice, it’s Double’s awakening.

And now the one who got my interest. Landlord has a musume called Narumi Akiko. She will inherit her father’s assets and rule over Shotaro-tachi. Knows nothing about Dopant but wasn’t scared a bit when met them. Yamamoto Hikaru has nice cute vocal ^^

snapshot20090918102854Seems the devil is an organization which sells Gaia Memory to ordinary people. Gaia memory has its own identity and give an extraordinary powers based on the identity. First as examples are Injury (but didn’t appear), Magma and Taboo identity. Double’s Cyclone, Joker and others too.

snapshot20090918103237Double’s henshin needs two gaia memory from Phillip and Shotaro. Shotaro holds W drive and each time use it, it’ll appear on Phillip’s side too. Phillip will use his Gaia memory and send it with his soul to Shotaro. Then Shotaro’ll put his one and complete the process.

Luna’s power is the most unique, change your body to elastic way :]

snapshot20090918103545Download episode 01 torrent (OoZ)(T-N)


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