Kamen Rider W 02

snapshot20090925143019Without doubt, W has nice start on its first episode. No withdraw the stocks, two forms are revealed in this episode. To fight back T-Rex dopant, Phillip used his Heat identity rather Cyclone as power element. W has three elements as Heat, Cyclone and Luna and must use them exactly. It’s Phillip who decide what element should be used at a moment. Else Shotaro decides what weapons to be used from Metal or Trigger (Joker has no weapon, the weapon is body itself)snapshot20090925142719 To use Memory Break (the final attack) W puts Gaiamemory to the weapon and the attack will emerge depends to element memory. Specially for Joker form as it has no weapon, the memory is entered right side of belt. Also, W-brake has extensions side based on element identities. W changed it with the Heat one which turn W-brake to be a flying mini-jet.

And, the T-Rex dopant made me LoL’d. Someone did wear black suit plus a huge helm of dinosaur.

snapshot20090925142637Direct download episode 02 (link) AVI 231mb


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