Kawaii Rider Gallery

Moe-Blade-Riders-2Not satisfied by previous rider girls yet? Here some more pics informed by Hajime-san ^^

Moe-Blade-Riders-3We’ll do a journey ni buredo no michi. First is Blade

bladeBlade’s best company, Garren.

garrendrop-fire-geminiupper-fireChalice the rival shows up, complete with his her Wild King Form

chalicechop-tornadofloat-drill-tornadowild-chalicewild-cycloneLeangle also available too

leanglebite-blizardremoteAnd don’t forget the tri ace riders from the movie

Moe-Missing-aceEven Marisa is cosplaying as Diend ^^



7 thoughts on “Kawaii Rider Gallery

    • It may be help you: I found them from some image boards, other blogs and google searching. In previous gallery one of the readers Hajime-san had offered some of his collections (some posted above). But hte real problem is hard to find a complete set from a title as collecting all Den-o forms or Kabuto riders. I only have completed Blade in total 7 riders.

      But sure I’ll post more of this if I can find them ^^

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