Kamen Rider W 03-04

snapshot20091002143244Phillip is genius, as people said. But one question which he can’t answer, his own family. Ask it and he’ll get problem with null-pointing (then fainted) in his brain ^^; – To have null-pointing-error he must no good in garbage collections and source management, and it’s an advantage for Money dopant. snapshot20091002140930Sonozaki family is quite perious. They hold the most fearful Gaia Memories as Taboo (Saeko), Clay Doll (Wakana), Terror (the father) and even the pet (whatever cat’s name) has one too, Smilodon! Even the cool Kirihiko was feared to see father’s Terror memory. But as a member of the family, Kirihiko should get one as them too and it’s Nasca memory. Wait, I can’t found “Nasca” word in my brain! such baka! Google tolds me that Nasca is huge relief in a field that rumored as alien-made. At least Nasca still better than… Clay Doll =_= (what the hell, why it didn’t come up with “Witch” or “Tsuntsun” memory)

-This’ll be the last post where using 250px thumbnails size-

snapshot20091002143534Torrent for episode 03 and 04


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