Kamen Rider W 05-06


Yeah Toriga memory! the last memory that hadn’t be used by Shotaro. A council asked Shotaro to be her bodyguard from Anomalocaris Dopant (they got another nice name for the memory). This council is a sly person who use loli daughter to fulfill her ambition, that is build a facility at Saeko’s place. That’s why she being targeted by Kirihiko’s minion.

"hey you"

The daughter was informed by her mom that kamen rider is her father, what a silly escape when your ugly husband die. To not hurt her feel, Shotaro be willing to act like the lie. At ep 06 Shotaro enganges in combat with Kirihiko. Seems Nasca memory provides a massive points of defence to endure Heat Bullets. Look up how Double defeat him, in final form for sure.

"may I do it now?"

"may I do it now?"

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