I am carnivorous?

tako-lukaI have read an article about “herbivorous man” in Sankaku, ten characteristics about them. At first sight I know most of them reflect otaku’s or hikikomori’s traits. And know I try to compare myself with these modern Japanese male, to see if I am herbivorous or carnivorous

  1. “He’s an indoor type”. Yes I am. The sun has been raging for two weeks at my place.
  2. “He likes spending time in his room”. I have many homeworks to do everyday and all of them can’t be completed without my PC. I lock my room too, because it’s very noisy.
  3. “His voice is quite”. I can’t hold my scream when internet goes bad.
  4. “He arranges himself around his girlfriend“. yes or no.
  5. “He is weak to alcohol”. Even I am trying to free from caffeine now.
  6. “He doesn’t play rough sports”. Chess is hard enough for me.
  7. “He likes flimsy pantsu”. Actually like any of them <<< *punch*
  8. “He’s a good listener”. Some accent isn’t easy.
  9. “He likes games”. Everyone is, but should be fixed to be “video games”.
  10. “He can’t decide what to eat at restaurants“. Honestly I eat anything except girl and loli when hungry.

Ok, 5 of 10. And it’s not the first time, every time I do a compare with different lists, it will come like this. As expected, I can’t be identified. I am myself ^^

NOTE: I’ll post about Windows 7 Nanami theme in my XP later.


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