Daburu wo sagase

Not cheap

Pay $77 for “a” Gaia memory USB drive
Includes a 2GB real plain flash drive, 6 color cases and the box

Naruhisa Arakawa as new writer
Starting from episode 07 and made its rate goes up

Skull gaiamemory
New rider (or dopant) with these memory will appear in December

Double’s 7th form
Using Fang memory as Fang-Joker, white-black half with a raptor pet

WBX W~Boiled~Extreme’s youtube PV and full song (extraction) are available
Will be released on 11 November price $15.5 minus a cent bonus Gackt’s “The decade stay alive”

Double’s next forms as Rising Kuuga
Combine a Super memory to 9 forms for higher level by put it to Maximum slot. Equiped a semi-dual sword. Also will appear 4th gadget with “Giji” (means “pseudo” or “false” in dictionary) memory

Also check this out for Kivara.


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