Kamen Rider W 07-08

vlcsnap-2009-11-12-16h45m56s1Heaven’s Tornado is an ultimate dance created by Chizuru and Dango. It can be only performed by those two. Phillip want to see it so much but unfortunately Chizuru and Dango broke up. In the middle Phillip’s work to placate them, Cockroach dopant (who has poor design) got in the way. Cockroach is too fast even for Cyclone form. As the result, Heat, Metal, Luna and Trigger memory were stolen! But don’t worry, Phillip found keyword to open Heaven’s Tornado book in the “library” and learned the dance. By dancing during fight, CycloneJoker form is more than enough to match the speed. Get back the memories, use Trigger memory break and throw that insecticide away.

You know what kind of person the Cockroach is? he is an otaku, or a mangaka, maybe hikikomori too.

vlcsnap-2009-11-12-16h43m14s189Moe-tama burns me like heatto!

vlcsnap-2009-11-12-16h43m18s240TOriga-HEART mouse pad ^^

vlcsnap-2009-11-12-16h43m24s30Scream “METAL” along with moe-labu

vlcsnap-2009-11-12-16h43m32s106And that’s the hero!

vlcsnap-2009-11-12-16h43m01s217Shotaro should wash them before use it -_-;

No direct download link. It has been a week.


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