Kamen Rider W 11-12

Another episode which show how lame Kirihiko is. Pray for a big succes from Virus dopant that even can’t move her own body. A hit-n-run accident leaves Kouhei’s sister in a long coma. Fortunately she had been using Virus memory and collapse before her body changed. Without functional body she  still want to take kills job.

She became dopant with her mind as the “source”. Her mind is anger enough to revenge ex-boyfriend Yushima who was cheating. Fuuto gangster who hit her too. As long as the memory in her body, outrage power came and out of control. In that state, ultimate Toriga Explosion is wise choice.

Trigger Explosion is HeatTrigger’s memory break. Wait for next breaks. Wanna know the next before ep 14? I told you, it’ll from CycloneMetal or LunaMetal ;)

Download as torrents episode 11 and 12.


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