Darker Than Black -Ryuusei no Gemini- Finish

The 12 episodes sequel of Darker Than Black series. You have to watch the 24 episodes of first season to enjoy this one ;)

Was featuring new character, a 13 years old girl named Suou Pavlichenko. She lives in Russia with her father Dr. Pavlichenko and brother, Shion. Shion is a great contractor who has ability to copy everything, complete with memories if the object is human. And that’s why Suou “didn’t” die 8 years ago. Shion has created a copy of her body and the father gave memories from ME machine. ME is a tool to collect informations from brain even the body already dead.

Many organizations want to own Shion. It’s not like they’re shotacon but to obtain his meteor core. Shion had it before gives it to Suou in escape. Hei/Li/BK-201 has same mission too and pursues Shion. Fortunately he only get Suou and decides to save her from every misunderstanding (yes, Shion and Suou -> twin). With Mao and July (who has no leader after August was killed by Hei), They go to Tokyo to find Shion and the father. In the way Suou became a contractor with ability to summon a 6 bullets sniper riffle. What a sweet way when Hei met Suou in first glance.

Dr. Pavlichenko has a plan to create a copy of earth including the humanity using Shion’s power. To success it they need the meteor core for support ME machine. Why need 2nd earth? because current earth is going to be destroyed by a great calamity. Calamity appears when Izanagi and Izanami (Yin, Hei’s doll) meet. Knowing that Hei (and every oraganizations) comes with plan to kill Izanami. He also trains Suou to be a good contractor. But Suou gets her first real victim in ep 11, Genma.

Izanagi gazes upon the false sea bottom, waiting for Izanami. Izanami will cross the sea bottom and eventually the two will meet. When they do, heaven and earth will split in two, and there the Gate of Hell will open. From the gate will come forth one, a being unknown and strife will continue for eternity.

The sign shall be a rising crescent moon that never sinks. When it becomes full, Izanami will reach her final month of pregnancy. -Mitaka doc, Memory of Future that Misaki found-

In the end, nobody can’t stop the meeting of Izanagi-Izanami. At the last second Shion wish to the Gate, a joyful world for Suou. And it is granted. Suou won’t remember again her memories of conflicts and starts a new life in the fake but peace place, leaves everyone in the ruins. Oh yeah, July too.

Rate it 9.0/10


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