Kamen Rider W 13-14

Special episodes with Fuuto’s idol Wakana-hime the Healing Princess. Also known as Sonozaki little musume and Clay-doll dopant. This time she gets a stalker and terror her “with love”. Since no clue about the culprit, Shotaro and Phillip are asked to investigate this brutal stalker.The stalker is Violence dopant. With his power he created huge gift for Wakana. And with all clues that Phillip got from phone calls, Wakana can rid the dopant which is her manager. But who bought the gaiamemory is Wakana’s rival in Idol industry. Well that’s how women work.

LunaTrigger weapon can be upgraded with Spider watch and Stag phone gadget. Each of them inflicts more variety of shot. It had happened with cycloneMetal added by Bat camera gadget.

PS: Seems Phillip is Wakana’s little brother which means he’s part of Sonozaki family.


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