Ryuki Movie Director’s Cut

Ryuki movie also known as its final episode. The TV’s “final” didn’t conclude anything about how the story end. Well, you can get (maybe) different story from USA adaptation Kamen Rider Dragon Knight where Kido becomes blondy ;DActually I didn’t watch it for ending purpose. I just want to look again Kirishima Miho (Natsuki Kato), the most feminine rider Femme when another female riders are not maidenly enough for me.

To put it simple, the stroy take place after episode 46. Only six riders remaining to finish the Rider War. They’re Kido as Ryuki, Akiyama as Knight, Kirishima as Femme, Kitaoka as Zolda, Asakura as Ouja and Kido’s mirror refelction as Ryuga, dark side of Ryuki. Kanzaki tolds them to finish it quickly before Yui’s 20th birthday so he can collect the winner’s life for her. And they do it. In the end when only Ryuki, Ryuga and Knight remaining, the rider war end as suicide of Yui which makes the war be meaningless. Right after Ryuga being defeated, all monsters from Mirror World attack. Change to Survive form, Kido and Akiyama end it with massive battle to save the world (as usual).

Remember this loyal servant Guro Goro? As you watch Kamen Rider Kabuto you’ll know him as Masato Mishima (Tomohisa Yuge). What a drastic change in role.

Don’t forget to include little parody. They’re G3X force from Kamen Rider Agito.


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