Kamen Rider W 15-16

For they who haven’t watched movie W yet, this part will please them because it is featured by W’s 7th/Phillip’s 4th memory Fang raptor memory! Using Fang with Joker memory makes Phillip do the henshin by his body and loaded by great power.

The crisis starts from a robber’s request to search her fellow. He has obtained Arm memory and now works for Sonozaki Saeko to seize Phillip back. But then they only get Shotaro and Akiko during fight. To rescue them, Phillip choices to use Fang memory altough it can hurt his mind rather surrender. FangJoker provides great, too great for Phillip endure alone. Nicely Shotaro’s mind can do it so all Fang’s power now belongs to them.

Fang can perform Arm Fang (blade), Shoulder Fang (“boomerang”) and memory break Fang Strizer by pulling Fang trigger once, two or three times. To become FangJoker, they pass through same procedure as usual. The disparity is they exchange the role. Shotaro’s Joker will move to Phillip’s belt and he will be unconcious. Phillip ‘s body will take W’s role and Shotaro just be speaking like Phillip did before.


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