Ookamikakushi First Impression

Based on Konami’s Japanese visual novel PSP game with same title and was released on 20 August 2009 in Japan. The anime itself started airing on 8 January 2010 on TBS TV network. Until now I have watched three episodes.

Kuzumi Hiroshi moves into Jougamachi, a small town with Hassaku fruit as icon and Jouga wolves as mascot. With his father, famous occult writer Kuzumi Masaaki and his sister Mana, He settles in and befriends with his new classmate. The first friend he made is an annoying girl who lives next door called Tsumuhana Isuzu. She has a “crush” on him at first sight and try to get along with his family. She has an older brother, Issei and seems Mana attracted to him (crossover love?).

Beside Isuzu, Hiroshi’s goodness also makes another friends. But only Asagiri Kaname which acts usual while another sound deceiving. Kaname loves occult too so she praises Hiroshi’s father so much like Issei does.

Then it comes. Suddenly a classmate Ogasawara disappears. Everyone except Kaname says that he’s moved. The truth is he’s killed by a cute shinigami (God of death) in the night. Ogasawara was interacting with Hiroshi before a mysterious girl Kushinada Nemuru gave him a warn to stay away. She also gives Isuzu a kind of warn too but Isuzu ignores it.

This mystery series reminds me to Sola. Maybe it comes from its art (characters design) and atmosphere. The story looks good, and the voice artists too. FictionJunction sings the opening theme “Toki no Mukō Maboroshi no Sora” (時の向こう 幻の空, “Across Time, Sky of Illusions”) and “Tsukishirube” (月導, “Moon Guide”) as ending by Yuuka Nanri. I love they and can’t wait for thier release \(>o<)/

For more detailed info, you can try wikipedia.


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