Kamen Rider W 17-18

Kirihiko dies. After holding pain from use of Nasca’s super speed ability for so long, his body can’t l anymore. Naturally, Kirihiko just a silly who trusts everyone. He only thinks that he’s the only one who worthly to love Fuuto city. Thanks to that because on the last day of his life, he makes a decision to rebel againt Sonozaki family and helps Shotaro prevent Bird memory from raging.

Sonozaki gave Bird Gaiamemory to a child Akane for free so they can get good data from Gaiamemory itself. Akane who knows nothing about this stuff has been playing with it several times until evolved. Even her friend borrow it and take turn in using. Knowing that Kirihiko can’t accept it. His attitude makes him fired from organization and must die. Mick (Smilodon dopant) almost fulffills it but Wakana comes and saves him. In the end he is killed by his wife.

Work together with Nasca, Shotaro-tachi save Akane in one shot by CycloneTrigger’s memory break Trigger Shooting.

A great man who never taste even a slight of married sweetness


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