Kabuto Movie Director’s Cut

Kamen Rider Kabuto: God Speed Love also celebrates 35th anniversary of Kamen Rider. To make sure it this movie carved history as first action of rider in the space. Directed by Hidenori Ishida and written by Shoji Yonemura. Theme song is “One World” by Koji Kikkawa, who is Kamen rider Skull now. This theatrical adaptation explains some dropouts in TV series and featuring exclusive three riders.

In the past 1999, a big meteor which contains Worms crashed the earth and caused massive disaster. Worms can move so fast and mimic real human completely. Heat of such big meteor boiled oceans and human faced water crisis. An organization called ZECT already developed Masked Rider System to fight the Worms. They also had been preparing a project to restore earth’s water. But in the truth that project’s purpose is destroy the earth as they thought no hope to rescue it. They’re planning to die and live as Worms mimic.

In the present of story, ZECT’s project almost complete and titled as Ladder to Heaven. It’s a high ladder (actually pipe) from land to the space with a space station in the top. The station is featured by Clock Up Machine to capture meteor. Public thinks that they’ll capture ice meteor and melted it. Tendou Souji (Kabuto) knows something wrong with their plan and planning to stop it. To do that he decides to join Neo-ZECT, rebellion of ZECT. Likes ZECT, Neo-ZECT also has rider Drake (Kazama Daisuke) and Heracus (Hidenari Oda) with foot troopers. Tendou gives them all information regarding the project which he got from Arata Kagami (Gattack), ZECT’s rider. Tendou has another aim, he wants to duel with the Gold rider, Caucasus, ZECT’s strongest.

Kagami loves a girl in the town, Kusakabe Hiyori, who is Tendou’s little sister. Hiyori has a disease and can’t live longer. Arata is planning to marry her soon but he is chosen as project activator. Leaving Hiyori by promise he’ll be back with the ocean, he goes straight to the station.

Ketaros, bronze rider

In the same day Neo-ZECT attacks the base. However their plan is already spoiled from Hokuto Shura, leader of Neo-ZECT trooper. She also kills Drake. After know about this betrayal, Tendou and Oda come with new plan. Oda fights all ZECT and Neo-ZECT alone and Tendou climbs the ladder through pipe using Kabuto Extender to stop Arata from activing the machine. But Arata isn’t alone up there. He is guarded by Tetsuki Yamato (Ketaros). While Kabuto faces Ketaros outside station (means space), Arata succesfully captures an ice meteor, which is followed by a huge Worms meteor behind. The ice meteor hits station, drops Kabuto and Ketaros falling onto earth. Kabuto is able to survive with his Extender, but not with Ketaros.

Heracus, silver rider

After defeats TheBee who protects Shura, Heracus meets Issei Kurosaki (Caucasus). He is defeated in a second by Caucasus who is holding Hyper Zecter, next level of Clock Up. Neo-ZECT has gone now, leaving Tendou and Kagami. Tendou tells Kagami about his sister before Kagami receives a call that Hiyori is in critical condition at hospital. To fulfill Hiyori’s wish, Kagami marries her in the front of Tendou. Right after Holy Oath, she dies soon afterwards.

Caucasus, Gold rider

Still at moum point, Tendou gets information from Shura that ZECT betrayed them. Only the leaders and Caucasus who know the plan of letting that meteor to crash. They work with Worms and it seems that they killed all ZECT members. ZECT has a plan to launch a missile to wake the Worms inside meteor, which said to the public to destroy it. About 30 seconds before the launch, Tendou and Kagami break through the base and climb the ladder to get into missile.

In the missile’s room, they must fight Caucasus who know their plan. With Hyper Zecter both Kabuto and Gattack are beaten easily. Caucasus is going to finish Kabuto with Maximum Rider Kick but it’s failed by Gattack who holds the kick with his own body. Kabuto uses this moment to steal Hyper Zecter. With this, Kabuto changes to Hyper Form, saves Kagami, defeats Caucasus and brings the meteor to the past (1999) with Hyper Clock Up. He lets the meteor to hit the first meteor (which crashed at 1999). Now the future is changed. Only small amount of meteor who crashes onto earth and only damages Shibuya (the start of TV series story). He falls to the earth and gives his belt to the younger of himself (that’s why Tendou has the belt before Kagami in 1st episode of TV). Kabuto disappears soon afterwards because the disastrous future has erased. Now the story goes as TV series.

Sasword, Kick Hopper and Punch Hopper aren’t show up in movie. I think it’s the most awesome movie until 2009 but I hope Decade’s and W’s movie can my mind.  Another informations can be found at wiki.


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