Snow Sakura

  • Production: G-collection
  • Language: English
  • Voice: Japanese
  • Story: Kitagawa Samui
  • Artist: Shikei

His name is Tachibana Yuuji, a regular high school student. His parents left him to Hawaii for a trip, leaving him in the care of his uncle and cousin in snowy side of Hokkaido. A legend says there is a Sakura flower tree that blooms there in the middle of winter and it is related to a dream about his infancy. His cousin, Saki, helps him for daily activities like breakfast and wake him up in the morning. He doesn’t find any problem while hanging out with his new town friends. Misaki a clumsy girl who is Misato sensei’s imouto, Kozue childhood friend of Misaki, Rei super smart sempai and Sumiyoshi the pervert always share full of moments of laughter, joy, and tender passion with him. Now he’s finding the true meaning in life.

A classic love bishoujo game. The story itself may be too generic but still nice to play for an english-text eroge. I just have played it for once ending route with this route,

  1. It’s truly a cute group of girls
  2. Well, I think she’s cute
  3. Leave Sumiyoshi behind and run away
  4. I’m not really sure
  5. Go to buy some juice after eating
  6. Meet Kozue’s gaze resentfully
  7. Clothes
  8. Fujiwara no Michitsuna
  9. Kokin waka-shu
  10. Well, yeah
  11. Your parents wanted you to grow up pure and noble
  12. Get a tracking shot of our movements from afar
  13. Take revenge
  14. I can’t deny it
  15. Go back to pick it up
  16. My same class’s
  17. Misaki
  18. It’s not my problem
  19. I’ll handle Sumiyoshi
  20. Think about it
  21. Go along with it

and surprisingly get unique end which not always available in ero-game where you end up as a virgin. It also means you won’t get a chance to see any CG arts. Looks like I should come back to my old theory, you will get main heroine at the end if you choose all first options. Let’s see later with a successful one of these five girls route.


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