Highschool of the Dead Anime

Have been taking break for a year, “Highschool of the Dead” will continue in March issue of Fujimi Shobo‘s Monthly Dragon Age. Not only that, the source also says that it’ll receive an anime adaptation.

Written by Daisuke Kato, the story tells about a group of highschool students and a school nurse who try to survive in the middle of worldwide chaos created by a disease. The disease has turned people into living dead creature and even goverment can’t stop them. Only one choice left to engage in battle using all weapon that can be found and luck. The manga doesn’t spend most of time in bloody butchering action but also ecchi subplot. Provides lot of fanservices and harem actions of the girls who rely on the boys in their daily life after outbreak. Facing reality where society has fallen is hard beside food and safe sleep crisis. Drawn by Shoji Sato, all character illustration done well including the busty parts. This series is adorable and the anime should be more.

ANN, New Akiba, Blue2 Wave.


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