Kamen Rider W 19-20

Kamen Rider Accel‘s first action. I’ve waited for this. Terui Ryuu is a super police and just moved to Fuuto city. He has a goal to revenge the owner of W Memory, which actually is W Gaia Weather Memory, for killing his family. A mysterious woman called Shroud (Google her name, you’ll find that Shroud is a cooling fan!) helped him with giving AccelSword and Accel Gaia Memory. But yet he can’t transform without the AccelDriver. So he asks Shotaro to help him until the driver completed.

Due to Phillip, Terui success find a serial freezing murder dopant and suspects it as his revenge target. W fought it until Shroud comes again and delivers the Driver. Soon Terui henshins to Accel and need no more help. Although he close to kill wrong person, in the end he arrests the real culprit (the dopant) and the case solved. But the culprit is Ice Age Dopant, not Weather Dopant as he thought. It means his revenge still unreached yet.

As we know, Accel can transform to a motor bike using AccelDriver as the steer. AccelSword’s handle has a trigger like gun. Accel has another attack memory Engine Memory. The Engine Memory inserted to the AccelSword and it provides different powers like Steam, Electric and Jet (episode 21). Accel has two Memory Break attack. First come from his rider kick Accel Maximum Drive (by pressing the driver’s handbrake) and then from his AccelSword Engine Maximum Drive (by pulling the sword’s trigger). His rider kick share same style with Kamen Rider Gattack but in reverse direction.

“despair is your goal”


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