11eyes Finish

11eyes or イレブンアイズ had been airing from September 6th until December 22nd 2009 with total 12 episodes. Based on PC and Xbox360 adult visual novel game in same title. The opening theme “Arrival of Tears” by Ayane and ending theme “Sequentia” by Asriel. Both of them performed the opening and ending for the game version too.

In the past, there was a fearful dark witch of Babylon called Liselotte Werckmeister or Lisotte. She learned forbidden magics and became immortal. One day She met Kingdom Dransvania’s king Velad and fell in love. She loves him so much. Unfortunately the King who master of Eye of Aeon, got killed while civil war.

In deep sadness, she remembered his last word said that the world was rotten and must be destroyed. Swear it, she had a plan to obtain Voidstone and use it to open the door of darkness. To do that, she must collect 7 fragments of the stone from 6 persons who hold it (herself already has one). Each person has various power given by the fragments. Alternative, she can use Eye of Aeon’s power only without the Void. An organization Holy Order of the Index had fought her for long time until their disciples succeeded in sealing her away in another world called Red Night. As the price of the seal, the disciples transformed into scary forms, known as Black Knights. They swear to protect the seal. They believe that fragment’s and Eye of Aeon’s holder will aid the witch later so the holders must be killed. From her place which is actually is another dimension of Ayamegaoka city, Liselotte regulary calls the fragments and Eye of Aeon holder to save her and they believe. They thought Black Knights as bad guys and fought it. In the end, many dies from both side.

Main characters:

Satsuki Kakeru. An orphan and lost his only old sister when young. Bearer of the Eye of Aeon. The eye gives him an ablity to see the future. Can’t fight well but wants to protect Yuka at all cost. Voice: Daisuke Ono & Aki Kanada (young).

Minase Yuka. Kakeru’s childhood friend and loves him so much. Has ability to purify all magic and power due the fragment that she holds. Voice: Mai Goto.

Kusakabe Misuzu. One of the Kusakabe’s clan successor. She is good at Onmyouji art inherited within family. She has all of five Kusakabe sacred sowrds; Kogarasu Maru Amakuni, Kashagiri Hiromitsu, Kanagiri Nagamitsu, Tachibana Dosetsu Raikiri and Dojigiri Yasutsuna. The elder of her family can’t accept a female successor so they expeled her from village. Not clear if her sword skills are given by her fragment. Voice: Yuu Asakawa.

Hirohara Yukiko. Has dual personalities and obtained immortal from the fragment. Remove her eyeglass and ready for battle. In the last killed by one of Black Knights, Superbia. Voice: Oma Ichimura.

Tachibana Kukuri. She is reflection of Kakeru’s sister who killed him in the past. Current Kukuri is created from Yuka’s power and can’t talking. The real one suicided after killed powerless Kakeru. Abraxus (Abraxas) the chains warrior lives in her body as guardian. In the last killed by Liselotte. Voice: Noriko Rikimaru.

young takahisaTakahisa Tajima. Was an orphan before raised by Akanime Saiko, ex-biker who becomes school nurse. His fragment’s power is fire. In the last Saiko’s killed by Superbia and Tajima’s killed by Yukiko. Voice: Showtaro Morikubo & Mutsumi Tamura (young).

Momono Shiroi. Member of Holy Order of Index. Learned various common magics like bullets and barrier. Her fragment’s power is travelling crossing time. In the last killed by Liselotte. Then Kakeru uses her fragment to send away Liselotte. Voice: Hagiwara Emiko.

Black Knights:

  • Avaritia. The leader of Black Knights. Can transform to Georgius – mightiest dragon. Voice: Youji Ueda.
  • Superbia/Kusakabe Misao. Her true form is Kusakabe clan’s legend, Kusakabe Misao who learned forbidden magics in the past. Loves Avaritia. Voice: Hyo-sei.
  • Ira. Material-arts fighter. Beaten by Kakeru. Voice: Yuuki Fujiwara.
  • Gura. Nothing than just a fat giant. Beaten by Misuzu. Voice: Teruyuki Tanzawa.
  • Invidia. Whip fighter and can fly. Beaten by Yukiko and Yuka. Voice: Noriko Rikimaru.
  • Acedia. A thin slim magician and flying around. His vessel itself is another creature called Scholastica. Beaten by Kukuri. Voice: Yoshiya Naruke.


Why I call it side story because whole of episode 11 is future that Kakeru seen. The real story takes in episode 12 or last. You can say episode 11 is bad end where Liselotte won and episode 12 as good one. In this part, Kakeru and Misuzu escape back to real world by Shiroi’s spell. Superbia, Avaritia, Shiroi and Kukuri engage in battle with Liselotte. Avaritia transforms to Georgius. Liselotte who full powered doesn’t find any problem in killing them. So, after Georgius’s down, Liselotte successfully takes Kakeru’s Eye of Aeon and performs the HellFall.

Real Ending:

Skip episode 11 and this is continue from episode 10. Now the story goes with Kakeru and Misuzu participate in the last battle. Same fate for Shiroi and Kukuri, killed by Liselotte. From Shiroi’s corpse a fragment appears as the source of her power, time and space budging. Kakeru comes with an idea. Superbia and Misuzu using Dojigiri Yasutsuna hold incoming attack while Kakeru works together with Avaritia to send Liselotte to the “corner of the time” by Shiroi’s fragment. And success.

Come in my mind, why the Black Kinights were so cruel by killing the fragments. They just could tell them the problem at first meet and don’t let them die each time Lisotte calls Red Night. Tell them to just stay away from that cute witch to save the world. Work together is always better right?

"Faad sehteio fresce en tora"



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