Kamen Rider W 21-22

A police from LA Kujou Aya moved to Fuuto City and join same team with Terui. Her task is seize Organization’s insider at police departement who also killed her best partner, Mizoguchi in the past.  Terui understands her feel and let her do the job excellently. Makura (dummy police, Jinno’s man) is attracted to her and ask Shotaro for help him arrest the culprits first before Terui’s team (so he can be praised by Aya >_>).

In the middle of progress both of team is surprised by Triceratops dopant who trying to kill all targets. In the last pursue of last culprit, Terui lefts Shotaro for handle the dopant while he chases the target. This dopant has extremely strength but using HeatMetal W successfully hurt its right (or left?) leg. That wound becomes clue for Phillip to knowing who the dopant is, Aya. The reason is quite easy just only to revenge. But as she consumed by the Gaia Memory, her hatred steers her to blame Fuuto city for Mizoguchis’s death. She has tried to kill Terui and also Jinno as quest from Saeko before she can become one of the commander. Fortunately Phillip comes in right time saving Jinno and does henshin to FangJoker (while Shotaro, Akiko, Queen and Elizabeth are singing karaoke).

Engaged in battle, FangJoker still in trouble to take her down. Terui who managed his own way to survive from Aya’s trap comes and does henshin. Although burdened by wounds, he still strives to save Aya. Triceratops dopant rages and going to destroy Fuuto Tower. In critical moment AccelGunner appears. Using it A beats her and destorys the memory.


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