KR Decade Movie: All Riders VS Dai-Shocker

Kamen Rider Decade Movie: All Riders VS Dai-Shocker (Gekijōban Kamen Raidā Dikeido: Ōru Raidā tai Daishokkā) is theather adaptation of Decade series and was released on August 8 2009. The plot takes place at Tsukasa’s world (Tsukasa no sekai) which shows the true identity of him and what the reason he have been travelling for. According to wikipedia, it’s the highest grossing Kamen Rider film with earning over 2 billions Yen.

Tsukasa and team arrives at a mysterious world where Tsukasa can take photo nicely. Led by his costume, a key inside it and an old photo, they come to a house and meet Sayo (Arai Moe), Tsukasa’s little sister. Along with her there is a butler man called Nobuhiko Tsukikage (Oura Ryuichi). His explaination to Tsukasa about the journey and world destruction recovers Tsukasa’s memories about his true identity as Dai-Shocker’s leader. Right after that he tells Tsukikage to perform battle between riders. Tsukasa wants to eliminate all riders (except the strongest) based on his thought that destruction did occur from riders power. After clearing the matches, he declares to Natsumi and Yuusuke about Dai-Shocker’s plan. Not only that, Eijiro also reveals himself as Doctor Shinigami and praises for Tsukasa’s evil lead. Tsukasa expel them and performs world’s domination with countless Shocker soldiers. Still unbelieve, Natsumi and Yuusuke come back to Sayo for asking about all of this. Unfortunately Sayo is part of them and planning to rebel againt her brother’s lead. She calls Tsukikage who henshins to Shadow Moon and gives Earth stone power to Yuusuke. Dark power from the stone makes him receive Rising Ultimate Kuuga form and be controlled by Sayo. Kuuga with Shadow Moon come to the base and expel Tsukasa from the throne. Tsukikage tells Tsukasa that he ‘s fooled by Dai-Shocker to defeat all riders. Destruction itself didn’t come from the riders.  In despair, Tsukasa meets Yuuki Jouji (Gackt), ex member of Dai-Shocker who was involved in making of Decade and Diend drivers. He tells Tsukasa how rider fight should be and raises spirit to fight back. In other place, Natsumi who trapped in Dai-Shocker’s chaos meets Narutaki and Kaitou. They’re planning to gather remain riders but failed. Tsukasa appears and help them in the fight with General jack (RX’s enemy). Surronded by every monsters, all riders from Ichigo-Nigo to Kiva come and help in fighting. With Tsukasa’s help, Yuusuke recovered from Sayo’s controll. Now Yuusuke and Tsukasa have to fight Shadow Moon. Even Rising Ultimate Kuuga can’t make a scratch to him until W comes, beats Shadow Moon easily then disappears. Shadow Moon is killed by All Riders Kicks. The fight hasn’t ended, Dark King appears and crushes all riders. Kamen Rider J comes and uses Decade’s Final Form Ride to become Decade Complete form. Dark King then be killed by Final Kamen Attack Form Ride Decade and worlds returns to peace.

Is Eijiro really Dr Shinigami or he just posed and be controlled?

    Kamen Rider Decade and Diend have classic concept same with most of showa riders. The power of kamen rider is created by the enemy (usually an organization) as happened to Kamen Rider Ichigo (1) and Nigo (2).

    I score it 8.8/10.


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