Kamen Rider W 23-24

Shotaro and Terui pursue a dopant called Liar who had helped an untalented singer Jimmy-kun to pass Fuutic Idol audition. This Liar dopant has ability to send suggestions and make the victim believe it. After fall to Phillip’s trap, the dopant receives Joker Extreme memory break. That’s all? Yes.

Almost 75% (my guess) of episode 24’s scene is creepy things. I still have no idea what the pervert doctor Weather dopant did in the clinic. I mean, dopant doctor?! one thing I know that he’s going to coup d’etat Terror’s emperor. What’s next? oh Phillip’s crossdressing. I don’t know if this is a threat for Hideyoshi, altough myself never acknowledge it.

Queen and Elizabeth (AKB48) have a debut single “Love♡Wars“. Generic energic song, Tomomi Kasai’s voice is good too. Accel also has his own theme song “Leave All Behind“.


2 thoughts on “Kamen Rider W 23-24

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