Kamen Rider W 25-26

This ark is telling about how Akiko solve a case from a doll client  in her job as a detective. A doll called Riko comes to the office and asks Akiko to stop her its master’s father becoming Puppeter dopant. The dopant (and his daughter) is a famous writter with top tear jerking novel selling. The dopant is raging toward people who critic the novel while himself is still sad with the lose of his daughter.The dopant has ability to control someone or something. After Riko taken away by Akiko, he is asked by Weather dopant, a pervert doctor in a clinic (Hmm his name is… argh don’t care), to use Wakana as his doll. It’s a part of doctor’s test to her after unlocks her driver to obtain true power. Puppeter then finds Shotaro’s office and moves Wakana to there. Phillip who is alone almost get killed if AccelGunner does not save him. And yeah in the end he is beaten by Shotaro and Terui.

Showed new memory break attack of CycloneMetal, Metal Twister. The cyclone enlaces MetalRod and performed by swing it around. With this all memory break from Cyclone memory are already featured.


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