Kamen Rider W 27-28

Featuring Nagasawa Nao as Lily Shirogane, a new magician who uses Invisible gaiamemory for her escaping show. Isaka Shinkurou (Weather dopant) gives it to her “free” for experimental test and so he can look over her body (in real case ;p). The gaiamemory should absorb her life energy and return it to Isaka so he can become invisible.The Weather Dopant revealing himself at Terui’s face ignites the anger of revenge. Shotarou has tried to stop Terui’s reckless but failed after performs Twin Maximum Drive while assisting him in fight with Isaka. By that risking act and Phillip’s advice words, now Terui can understand each other as team. Only Accel who can save Lily using his Engine’s Electric so he must do it first before take revenge on Isaka (after all Terui gets reward as a nice kiss from Lily, damn). In the end Isaka’s memory almost broken by Accel and FangJoker Twin Rider Maximum or Double Kick in classic rider actions.

Accel has similiar kicking style with FangJoker but in reverse direction

Mystery of Shroud

Before the show ended, Shroud once again appears after watching The riders. Shroud as the maker of all Accel’s things seems delighted by Terui’s development. But the surprise comes after she says, “Raito…”! Raito?! it’s name called to Phillip by Saeko (watch again ep 15-16). Until know we assume that is his real name and Phillip is Wakana’s little bro, which means he is one of Sonozaki. In Phillip’s memory (ep 2), his family are including three kids, mother and father. But there is no sign/story of his mother, Is Shroud his mother? as member of gaiamemory founder organization it isn’t impossible for her in creating driver and purifing gaiamemory (W and Accel use these). Also Wakana and Saeko using driver too can be proof of her love to the children.

Ofc it’s just my assume so I didn’t warn you about there is spoiler ^^


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